Flambeau Pottery Works
N7788 Flambeau Rd.
Ladysmith, WI 54848
(715) 532-7733
Jason Gillis, Proprietor



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                               Flambeau Adventures

    Flambeau Pottery Works is a new Venture here at Flambeau Adventures. 

Flambeau Pottery Works Offers A Variety Of High Fire Stoneware Porcelain Functional Wares Along With Decorative Art Products.  We Fire The Pottery In Our Wood Burnning Or Gas Kiln Depending On Which Method We Wish To Impart On The Wares. 

  • Kitchen Ware-

  • Custom Coffee Mugs-

  • Jars, Bottles And Flatware- 

  • Vases And Other Art Products- 

  • Custom Orders-

  • Classes For Clay Enthusiasts-